In addition to a majority of members specialized in medicine, pharmacy, biology or chemistry, the National Research Ethics Committee is also includes experts the ethics, social or legal fields.
The Committee members are appointed by the Health minister.

Presidente : Dr BOISANTE-BOURRIER Catherine, medical specialist in anesthesiology

  Vice - president : M. HASTERT Marc, Master of Laws

Professor ANTON Fernand, Doctorates in psychology and physiology, researcher in behavioural neurosciences

Ms BECKER-BAUER Danielle, pharmacist

Dr COVELLI Domenico, medical specialist in oncology

  Dr DROSTE Dirk, medical specialist in neurology

Mr ELTER Robert, graduate engineer in Chemistry 

Dr JACOBY Chrétien, medical specialist in neuropsychiatry

Dr LE MOINE Françoise, medical specialist in oncology

Mr MAKHLOUF Abdul-Aziz, pharmacist

Ms PETTINGER Patricia, philosophy professor

Dr SCHNEIDER Jochen, PhD, medical specialist in endocrinology and researcher in translational medicine