The National Research Ethics Committee (CNER), in collaboration with national experts from various disciplines and representants of civil society, have developed a reference frame to manage informed consent of participants, and in particular the way to recontact participants if they have consented to it, if incidental findings occur in during research projects involving the sequencing of their whole genome.

The CNER has also developed the minimal content which will need to appear in the informed consent form of the "genetic" part of projects involving whole genome sequencing. WARNING : the following templates should not be confused with patient information sheets regarding incidental findings, their content only constitutes the minimal content to be included in the informed consent form. This text is in large part based on the text dedicated to incidental findings in the informed consent form developed by the Breast International Group for their AURORA project.

Documents for download:

-    Terms of reference; Incidental Findings - Informed consent specifications and communication process in Luxembourg

-    minimal necessary content for the informed consent form of the genetic part of project involving whole genome sequencing :

Version FR participant     Version FR représentant légal

EN version participant       EN version legal representative

DE Version Teilnehmer      DE Version gesetzlichen Vertreter